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So the site is having probs loading - Minions, we are nothing if not dedicated! - so I grabbed the page source code to read the html code of the front page... this is what I got:

Welcome to The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.

If we have more than 500 teams, we will be immortalized with an official Guinness World Record!

Sign up now! The Hunt begins on November 18th when we post the list of scavenger hunt items on this site.

If you and your friends want to be on the same team, enter your friends' names on the checkout page.

Otherwise you will be assigned to a team. You have until Wednesday, November 16th, 11:58 pm MDT Moscow Daylight Time.

Join me in breaking a Guinness World Record with actor Misha Collins. We're going to shatter the world record beginning on November 18th!

Step 1: Register at: and join me. Misha promises it will be unlike any other scavenger hunt you've ever seen.

Step 2: Ask your friends, neighbors, grandparents, and pets to register. We need at least 1,000 individual participants to make 500+ teams!

Step 3: Wait for November 18th, 2:12 am MDT Moscow Daylight Time, a.k.a. the beginning of your new life. While you're waiting, repeat step 2.

Here's a download link for the video that was on the site. (Right click, save target as.)

Oh, and there are also links for - those these may not be active yet.

List of Items:
We Are Described By Many:

Now with pretty picture cos finally got it to load! (Click on the pic to get bigger version:

And another one... the rules page:

Go Minions!

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