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Why, yes, there is.

Meet Dr. Charlie Harris...

Michael Shanks in his role as Charlie Harris in "Saving Hope", which hopefully will be picked up by a U.S. network.

Latest news about the potential series in the usual place.
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... you know who to call :-)

Yes, you call Jack... Jack O'Brien....

Read more... )

Clips of Michael's very brief scenes - no, seriously, I mean VERY brief scenes - in the usual spot.  Original hi-def mpg files are huge considering the length of the clip, but they are clearer. There are wmv files, too.


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IMDB has been updated with a video clip - a behind-the-scenes look at the second movie Michael's done for the Nasser Entertainment group (cos ya know anybody who can play a bad-guy Russian must be a ring-in for a fluffy Christmas movie, yeah? *g*)

Clip available to download from the usual place ... and here's a few piccies wherein Michael talks about the film...

looks all serious about it...



then gives you a look that says "please, watch my movie"



"Go on... you know you want to... just for me..."



Which, if the marketing department were sensible, is just how they'll sell it. *g*

But I may be biased. *g*


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A quick public service announcement. :-)

Last year one of the scripts we auctioned during the annual MSOL was Michael's personal copy of the shooting script for the Season 8 episode, "Zero Hour".

The winner - the lovely Heikki - donated the script to help a fundraising currently underway to enable the completion of an independent short feature, in which Torchwood star Gareth David Lloyd is starring and acting as Executive Producer.

More info can be found in the usual spot, and on the eBay listing... oh, and about the script itself, you can check the original listing we had on MSOL.

For some insane reason the script was put up on eBay on a public holiday weekend, and only for 3 days - so the clock is ticking on this one! But here's a second chance to grab one of Michael's original scripts. :-) 

Please feel free to spread the word... Given what the scripts go for, I think it was an incredible generous gesture to donate it, so would like to get the word out there. :-)

For now, a few scans (the last pic by Heikki, not me!)


Hope you all had a great weekend - and hope all in California are okay!


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There's a new, and very long (yay!) interview with Michael on the MovieWeb website.

A few snippets:

"What Geoff Johns wrote for Hawkman, and what I intended to do with him, was stay loyal to the comic book personality of Carter Hall."

"At a certain point, my wife was on the set. Tom Welling made a comment to the producers that if they ever bring Hawkgirl onto the show, my wife should play her. The producers were tickled by that idea. I, of course, whispered, 'Don't do it! Don't do it!'... Because she saw the discomfort of the suit I was wearing. As soon as they said she should wear one, I said, 'Don't do it!' I am a relatively strong guy compared to her. I was sitting there, picturing her wearing this contraption, and I thought, 'Oh, my god!'."

"The way Carter ends up, I do believe there is more room for him in the Smallville universe. Wherever it intends to go. There is quite a lot of potential for diving into his backstory. It's a great set-up, it's all about where they decide to go with the show after this. That's a question mark for when they get picked up for season ten."

Details in the usual spot.

And a pic for the helluva it. ;-)


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... Hero ...

Just a wee bit of fun... give it time to load. ;-)

Daniel Jackson - Hero


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... just got a note from Michael advising he has a guest appearance on the series. Episode 17 - "99 Problems".

Further details in the usual spot. :-)

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... do we ever!

A promo poster/image from the upcoming Smallville episode.

Bigger version in the usual spot.



With thanks to Whisper for the heads up, and while not wanting to be credited... a certain person on LJ who is so great at sharing the images she finds.
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... in winter where you are, apparently it has nothing on Tasmania. *g*

New poster/artwork out for "Arctic Blast". Bigger version in the usual spot. :-)


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... I always wanted to be... a lumberjack!

Yes! A lumberjack!

Leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia!

The smell of fresh cut timber! The giant redwood! The larch! The fir! The mighty Scots pine! With my best girlie by my side, we'd sing... sing... sing!

Oh, you get the idea. *g*

Pics of Sir Shanks from the L.A. auction wearing *that* shirt (and I wonder if he'd give it up for auction? *g*) in the usual spot.



P.S. With many thanks, again, to Paul and Michelle Harvath for taking photos and saving me the hassle of taking my camera on holiday. :-)
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... in now up on the Blast Magazine website. Also has a short-ish article (with a few quotes) and several photos (ripped straight from MSOL going by the file names. *g*)

Have it downloaded if anyone has trouble downloading. :-)


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... in now online at the Huffington Post, and interview 'outtakes' are on the reporter's blog.

Subjects covered: Smallville, Sanctuary, Stargate... anything beginning with 'S'. ;-)

Details in the usual spot.


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... of the latest MSOL auction. The end is in sight, there's a light at the end of the tunnel... hopefully it's not an oncoming train. *g*

A last lot of items going up tonight (my time)... but in the meantime a quick glance at stuff that went up in the last batch:

Michael's double script for "First Contact" and "The Lost Tribe"

... a pic of Michael and Claudia in "200":

... one more pic of Michael and David Hewlett (different signature from the first one):

and one of the programs from Michael's tenure at the Stratford Festival, circa "The Merchant of Venice":


And more... details in the usual spot. :-)



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... what up with that? *g*

Taking a break from auction stuff to have an early-ish night, so catching up on some other online stuff. :-)

Have done a new update today, and added - finally! - the DVD of the original movie that Kurt Russell signed - check out the signature:


... a pretty picture of Season 7 Daniel, signed by Colin Cunningham (and Michael)...


... Stargate magazine signed by Michael, Amanda, Chris, Claudia, Ben and Beau:

and for the SPN folk among you, a TV Guide  - or page within one - signed by Jared:


OH! And a pic of John Barrownman and James Marsters, signed by both :-)


About 40 more items to go before I sleep (putting a different spin on a phrase *g*). :-)

Go, bid, spread the word. :-)

And thanks, all!



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... such is June these days! *g*  But the MSOL auction seems to be going well thus far - fingers crossed!

Thank you to all who've bid and spread the news, and big thanks to the wonderful Cats, Whisper and SueB for the behind-the-scenes support. :-)

Did an update a few hours ago, and getting ready to prep the next, but in the meantime thought I'd post here what a few of the updates have been today:

An 8x10 of Michael and Rick, signed by Michael: (no further description needed, really *g*):

Michael's script from the Burn Notice ep, "Sins of Omissions" - contains the usual notes and markings, but also - on the back of one page - Michael's notes for the choreography of a fight scene (presumably between he and Jeffrey Donovan):

A 10x8" photo (a rare one!) from Desperate Escape:

A rare Supernatural magazine - boys on the cover with none of the funky printing over their pretty faces! - signed by both Jared and Jensen:

And lots more!

Details in the usual spot.

If you're passing the info around, you can use the direct page link.

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So, by Thursday night I'd run out of 'already prepped' auction items to upload, so spent a frantic few hours last night prepping the remaining of the next batch of 20... all the while trying to find out from eBay - for the fifth time in the last 24 hours - why 2 of them items listed the previous night were not appearing in the "view seller's other items" view.

Finally - FINALLY - got somebody who would actually investigate the issue (and not refer me to technical support, who sent me an email referring me back to Live Help).

Get this... hold on to your hat.... it seems that in the eBay universe the word "shit" is profane. So of course having described one photo that had a signature from Michael saying "Holy Shit I'm Claudia Black!", the word "shit" came up in their alerts, and they decided not to make it searchable.

This meant that the only people who were seeing the item listed on eBay were those who went to the item listing specifically through the MSOL link. No other search for anything related to Michael, Stargate or anything else would have found it.

Compounding this problem was the fact that I wrote a moderately funny description based on the whole "Daniel/Vala checking out Mitchell's ass" thing from the episode. Apparently the word "ass" is also profane.

And - this will amuse even further. The other item that was missing from the view list was an SPN comic and T-shirt... missing because I had mistyped "shirt" and put... yep, you guessed it, "shit."

Now, you'd think, given it wouldn't have materially changed the item description, that I could have gone into the entries and made it "s**t, and fixed the type, and maybe made the "ass" word "butt". Noooooo, that would have been too simple!  Nope, had to cancel the listings, and start again if we wanted them to appear.

So I cancelled the photo... left the other one alone cos it was doing pretty well for that item (beyond expectation in some ways).

So... for anybody who was bidding on the "Holy Shit" photo....

it now has a new link on eBay, and does appear in the item view for MSOL. .

For anybody following the SPN comic signed by Samantha Smith (and the bonus T-shit *g*)...

it's where it was originally.

If you're into SPN, please spread the word on that one. :-)

For now, I'm going to take out my frustration in the pool, and come back and hopefully be de-stressed enough to focus on prepping the next 20 for tonight!

Bests to all


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... LIVE!

The first lot of 20 items have been loaded to eBay, and include:

* Michael's Burn Notice "Bad Blood" shooting script... with lots of notes (and signed of course!)

* A Shanks/Hewlett photo, signed by both - and check out the signatures *g*

* A Misha Collins/Castiel/SPN piccie, signed by the lad

* A Desperate Escape DVD and photos - signed

and a whole lot more!

Details in the usual spot. :-)

Go, look, bid if you want... and please spread the word! (thank you!)

*hugs* to all


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... to benefit the MS Society of Canada, goes live Monday, 8 June.

Details on today's update on MSOL.

Please feel free - and please do - spread the word, especially to anywhere people might be interested in:

Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis
Burn Notice
Star Trek
Battlestar Galactica
Lord Of The Rings

Oh... and that Shanks dude. *g*

Thanks, all!


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... well, he's already a winner, but the photos are now available. :-)

More info - and link to more pics - in the usual spot. :-)

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