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Video to download (right click, save target as) With thanks to the original upload provided by 'givemetherope' on Youtube.

A few piccies behind the cut... )
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Absolutely. Freaking. Hillarious.

And if you don't know how to download from YouTube (or can't) and would like a copy of this on your hard drive, right click and save target as on this link. :-)

Castiel - and Misha - you are, as ever, awesome.


Jun. 8th, 2011 12:15 pm
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Want it too? Go vote on the RIPT Apparel Facebook page for the design:

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Thankfully some brilliant person was able to grab and upload the TV Guide Fan Favorite video to youtube, so as a result I was able to grab a copy. For anyone who'd like to save a copy to their hard drive (and doesn't know how to do that from youtube), right click and save target as.

UPDATE: Another fab person uploaded a bigger version of the video clip, just the SPN part. So have uploaded that as well for anyone to download. Again, right click, save target as.

And if you'd like some caps, see below the cut... and click on the pics to get to bigger versions. :-)


Photos behind the cut here! )
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Herewith the last lot of photos from the All Hell Breaks Loose con in Sydney.

Meant to say in the first posting these are all from Sunday (I only went up for one day.)

Usual thing - feel free to pass the link on, and if you want to grab, please do and just credit to my LJ name or real name (Mon). (Likewise if you use for icons/banners etc.)

And thanks to all for your feedback, comments and thanks - much appreciated. :-)




















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... what the heck, can't sleep, so cleaned up the rest of 'em and re-sized etc.

Could wish I had more/better pics of Misha, but the dude was hard to capture between answers/talking etc. (Love his dry humour... an absolute hoot!)

Anywho, here's a bunch more... and probably some more tomorrow depending on how long it takes me to upload the next 30 or so.

Emjoy! And feel free to share the link to this entry to anyone who might be interested in the pics... they're taken to be enjoyed. :-)

Again, click on the thumbnails for bigger pics.
















Okay, need to get sleep... more tomorrow!

night all!


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So I got up yesterday  morning about 3am to go to Sydney for the day to get some stuff signed by the Supernatural lads (Misha, Jensen and Jared) for the next auction.

Took the camera.

Took some pics. :-) 

So herewith for anyone who's interested. Feel free to pass them on and just tell 'em where you got 'em. (I haven't bothered watermarking them.)

Click on the pic for bigger versions. :-)











Enjoy! (Have more - just need to fix some red-eye probs etc)



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